Managed Print Services 101

It’s just a few printers, right? Why would anyone need a managed service for printing?

Maintaining and managing office equipment can be a thankless, tedious task.The only time it is noticed is when the printers are out of something or they don’t work. Greenan offers full service managed print services. Our managed services includes:

Secure remote monitoring of printer performance
Remote and on site troubleshooting and emergency maintenance
We optimize the print process and reduce wasted supplies
Strategic printer system planning

Dozens of clients trust us with their printing services and there are many reasons why:

Printers aren’t simple devices

Transferring a document from a file on a computer to a physical copy requires technology that is complicated and delicate. When something breaks or needs to be replaced on your printer, you want an experienced technician to troubleshoot it and suggest the best possible option going forward. Chances are that you don’t have someone able to do this on your staff which means you will need to call a third party to repair it or the manufacturer directly which can be very costly. Also, a managed service provider will inspect your equipment regularly and make routine repairs which extends the life of your printer fleet.

Your IT staff can focus on their jobs

The job of maintaining and fixing the printers usually falls on your IT staff. When you outsource your printing services with Greenan, it allows your IT staff to concentrate on other tasks that allows them to better use their talents including network security and hardware management.

Better security

The security of your printers is often an afterthought.  Even companies that are proactive about network security don’t even consider your wireless printers a security risk. The truth is they are and the experienced technicians at Greenan know how to keep your printers secure from any threat.

Better technology

When you have a managed provider they will make sure your printing capabilities are appropriate for your company and that they grow as your company does. This is invaluable guidance that allows you to make the best possible decision when it comes to upgrading and expanding your printing fleet.

Better productivity

You can’t just plunk a printer down in an office area and hope for the best. All offices are different and further, all departments are different which means different groups will need the printer more or less depending on their day to day responsibilities.

Greenan can transform your printing services

We are here to understand the needs of our customers as our first and foremost duty. Our integrated methods make sure your printers are working and available at all times. With Greenan’s managed print services you have one partner that takes care of everything from toner to replacement. And if they stop working, you have the peace of mind knowing that we are already on the job. Call us today and Greenan will get started managing your print services!