Paper Folders

Save time with an automatic paper folder in your business, school, or church.

Paper Folder Inserter Machine

Tired of folding each brochure, leaflet, or program by hand? We don’t blame you! GREENAN is available to help simplify your folding process with a wide variety of paper folding machines that range from desktop to floor size models that can handle your needs in letter folding or file folder folding. When you decide to purchase a paper file folder making machine from GREENAN, we ensure it is installed with the proper care and attention to detail that sets us apart from other office equipment companies in NY.

We receive the paper folder machine and set it up for what your business or organization needs. By working with your internal team, we will pre-configure the machine, so it is ready to run when it is delivered to you with our white glove installation. Our in-house technicians, most with over 16 years of experience, are available to help if any problems arise and we always handle any problems ourselves instead of outsourcing. You can rest assured that your hand-folding days are over with the help of GREENAN.

Save time with a GREENAN paper folder.

With over 4 types of folds, this machine will do the hard work for you!

Uses of An Industrial Paper Folder

Industrial paper folders offer a wide variety of applications for many different industries. GREENAN has found that by providing churches, schools, and businesses the option to fold and create documents easily automatically, the time and money that is saved gives companies more control over their capital. Our paper folding machines can fold many different paper sizes in a variety of fold types:

  • Z-Fold
  • C-Fold
  • Tri-Fold
  • Fold Double Parallel
  • Folding Heavy or Card Stock
  • Folding and Inserting

Industrial paper folders will enable your business to save time and money as well as simplify processes. Contact the experienced staff at GREENAN to see how we can help your business today!