Consistent preventative maintenance will save you time and money.

Preventative Printer Maintenance

More than 20 million printers are sold each year in the US! On average there are four employees for every printer, scanner, and fax. At GREENAN we offer managed service for your printers and take care of all of the needs your printer has throughout its lifetime. With the increase of printing, it is essential to keep your printer in proper working order. To extend the life of your printer and other office machinery, Managed Printing Services from GREENAN offer thorough inspection and cleaning every quarter. If your print volume is higher than average, your device should be cleaned more frequently. Our managed print services can save your business up to 30% of printing cost without changing office procedures. These are some of the measures we take for printer maintenance.

  • No ammonia-based cleaners
  • Clean the exterior with a damp cloth with ethyl alcohol
  • Keep the ink fresh with delivery available
  • Pay attention to print heads.
  • If required, we also provide printer repair service.

GREENAN’s managed print services will help you reduce the cost of your printer and allows you to boost productivity when you don’t have to manage another machine in your office.

When it comes to printer repair, GREENAN provides preventative maintenance to its customers which help them to keep the quality of their documents and extend the life of their machine.

Save up to 30% of printing costs!

And never run out of ink with auto-delivery.

Printer Repair Services

GREENAN provides full printer repair facilities as well as service technicians who provide on-site printer repair services for any problem your printer might have. Our technicians are highly trained, which means you don’t have to worry about printer repair issues. Our technician will provide:

  • Printer cleaning
  • Minor printer repairs
  • Adjusting the lubricant and moving parts
  • Use of spare printer if yours breaks

At GREENAN we will monitor your printer fleet and offer a simple solution to keeping your entire business’ printers running correctly. GREENAN will be the only vendor you need to take care of break/fix service, supplies, and repairs. By offering a single bill each month, reducing overhead costs, and keeping your printers working – GREENAN saves you money!

Whether your organization is large or small, our easy to use managed printing services offer cost reduction, security, and printer repair services. We understand your business needs and work to help make your office efficient.