Who sees your documents before they can get shredded?

Benefits of Industrial Shredders

With the rising concern about waste recycling, the demand for industrial shredding machines has also increased. We have many tools and equipment to conduct the recycling process of various materials quickly and effectively all within your own premises to protect your data. At GREENAN we also provide shredder repair and shredder machine repair services to our clients. Some advantages of industrial shredders are:

  • Shredders can take care of information and data that can put identities at risk by shredding any documents containing private information.
  • Paper shredders also provide a significant reduction in waste. The machine shreds large pieces of paper into smaller ones that require less space to recycle easily.
  • Commercial shredders have a one-time cost instead of hiring a crew with reoccurring fees.
  • Paper shredders illuminate the need for an outside company to shred your documents. When you don’t know who has access to your documents or where the documents are going, an in-house solution is the most secure shredding option.

At GREENAN we educate our customers about the necessity of shredding unwanted information. There are many different options available in the market for businesses, and we will help you figure out which choice is the best for you.

Continue keeping your sensitive information safe.

GREENAN offers industrial shredder repair and preventative maintenance.

Shredder Repair

Even the most useful machines still need service. Many people sell the shredders, but there are only few who understand them; how to properly use them, how they work, how to prolong their service life, and where to go when they need repair. At GREENAN we have certified and trained service technicians who can easily solve your shredder repair problems. We repair and maintain everything from office shredders to high-security shredders.

We are the most-trusted shredder repair option for rapid, fast, and effective repair service providers for your industrial shredder.