MultiFunction Copiers

We specialize in the delivery, setup, sourcing, and management of your multifunctional equipment.

How to Choose a Multifunction Copier

Are you in the market for a new multifunction copier? There are several options available in the market today that offer productivity, connectivity, and efficiency. However, when it comes to choosing the best multifunction copier for business, the available options make it difficult to select the best choice.

GREENAN offers a wide range of multifunction copiers and choosing the right multifunction copier is all about following your business plan and purchasing accordingly. It is critical to do some market research before buying a multifunction copier (MFP) from a vendor. At GREENAN, we monitor your multifunction copier fleet and offer a solution where you only need to depend on one vendor to provide fix/break service, help you reduce costs, and allocate MFP to save you money. When choosing the right multifunction copier, it is important for you to think about why you need this machine, what your office volume is, and how fast you’ll need it. GREENAN specializes in the efficient delivery, setup, sourcing, and management of large multifunctional equipment fleets and will help you make all these decisions.

Why spend your valuable time monitoring your printer fleet?

GREENAN’s mulifunction copier managed services will do it for you.

Multifunction Copier Managed Services

Through our managed services, you can reduce the overall cost of business by cutting down on the printed documents your employees print. Our copier managed services will also save the time your IT department spends on multifunctional equipment opening their time up for business-related issues. We also provide a useful software solution to our customers which helps them to track all scanning, copying, and printing at both the device and the user level to help eliminate unnecessary waste. At GREENAN, we take time to understand your business and identify opportunities to streamline document process. Our managed services can help companies to spend less time managing documents and more time on your core business.

Working with us is an opportunity to future-proof your investment. At GREENAN our added embedded hardware security solutions protect our clients from security threats from Intel Security. We are also using cloud services that can help reduce printing time and also improve businesses be energy efficient. GREENAN offer their customer’s replacement guarantees and extended life of the assets. We provide our customer the best multifunction copier for business.