Paper Cutters

MBM Triumph’s trusted partner since 1972.

Industrial Automatic Paper Cutters

Modern print shops thrive by utilizing semi-automatic and automatic paper cutters to meet the demands of large print jobs. GREENAN has assisted small and large companies in selecting and optimizing office equipment since 1972. We offer both high-quality equipment and service customized to meet your unique business needs.

Trusted brands such as MBM Triumph provide heavy-duty, high-sheet capacity stack paper cutters that can slice pamphlets, banners, posters, business cards, and stationary with precision. Pre-programmed, industrial paper cutters offer a variety of performance, convenience, and safety features. Electric blade drives slice sheets of paper to exact cutting widths. Digital displays allow jobs to be saved and recalled. Safety features such as power clamps, automatic light beams, and led cut lines protect operators.

Save time with an in-house paper cutter.

Additional safety features ensure the safety of your employees.

Paper Cutter Service And Management

GREENAN will be there to assist you with white glove installation. We offer ongoing service for your tabletop cutter, guillotine paper cutter, or electric paper cutter. Our team of knowledgeable office equipment technicians are available to manage equipment operation or train your staff in equipment management.

Beyond delivery and installation, GREENAN also offers ongoing service and safety training. Safety training teaches your employees blade installation, device programming, and general safety tips. To keep standards consistent and best serve our clients, we never use outsourced service technicians. Our inhouse service technicians have worked with us for an average of 16 years and take pride in their efforts. After installation, GREENAN conducts routine maintenance checks twice per year.


GREENAN’s 1,000 + clients annually produce over 15.5 million pages in various projects. Print shops across the nation trust GREENAN’s personal touch and time-tested expertise to assist them in meeting and exceeding goals.