Simplify your final steps in paper projects with MBM.

MBM Largest Dealer

GREENAN is the largest dealer of the MBM paper folder machines for the last 45 years. We deal with the paper finishing equipment like Triumph™ paper cutters. Produced in Germany by MBM, these paper cutters are essential for businesses that have high quantities of paper to fold. Triumph™ paper cutters by Krug & Priester are famous around the world because of their strength, accuracy, and simplicity of operation.

Incorporated with high-class safety elements by SCS™, this paper finishing equipment is on the list of the safest paper cutters at an international level. Every Triumph paper cutter is licensed under a quality administration system, which has been recognized in all organizational levels under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. All Triumph paper cutters are verified by independent safety laboratories and manufactured with complete compliance to global safety regulations. Each machine is further licensed by Underwriters Laboratories for the US and Canada.

Compliant with global safety regulations,

Triumph paper cutters and paper folders are a safe bet.

MBM Paper Folder

The product line of MBM paper folder features machines suitable for the corporate application and more. The MBM paper folder is also appropriate for high-volume bindery operations, schools, and churches. The wide range of MBM paper folders includes MBP tabletop folders. They offer a perfect blend of speed and accuracy along with the convenience of usability. This makes it perfectly suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and corporate environments. Automatic programmable models of the MBM paper folder have a storage capability for storing fold programs in their memory and can be set up for later use to operate at the touch of a single button. MBM paper folders can conveniently take the burden of folding hundreds of brochures, newsletters, or invoices and allow business to save a great deal of time and labor. These machines allow you to have neat and perfectly folded documents whenever you need them. The automatic MBM paper folder is extremely convenient, easy to use, and offers a variety of folding styles.