Managed Print Services

How much time do you spend trying to figure out your printer?

What Is Managed Print Services?

At GREENAN, we offer managed print services which are an integrated method of managing printing devices to deliver our clients the best printing solutions as efficiently and effectively, as possible. At GREENAN, that is our priority, and we strive to provide our customers with the best-managed print solution.

  • We monitor your print fleet on a daily basis all remotely from our headquarters.
  • We also educate our clients on how to reduce the hidden costs involved with printing.
  • We effectively communicate with our customers to assess their needs.
  • If we find any problem, we send a service technician to fix it.

We install software on your network that provides the status of the supplies and automatically generates billing information for all of your printers. There is no doubt that our managed print services have a leg up on HP managed printed services and Ricoh managed print services. An average of 15% of revenue is what most companies are wasting on any document related task. With managed printing services, GREENAN can help you reduce this loss of revenue.

We are here to understand the needs of our customers as our first and foremost duty. GREENAN provides you with the best-managed print services, which helps you to reduce costs and also saves you time.

An average of 15% of revenue is wasted on document tasks.

Get that money back with GREENAN’s Managed Print Services.

Benefits of Managed Print Service

At GREENAN we provide you four advantages of managed print services.

  1. The managed print services offer the information you need to effectively consolidate your printer fleet by replacing the older ones and unnecessary devices.
  2. This service optimizes the print process and reduces wasted supplies.
  3. We offer an additional level of security by encrypting device data and using full permissions to ensure only qualified people have access to your information.
  4. This solution will provide you more insight into your print environment, run reports, and establish proactive service alerts and supply.

These are just a few of the benefits our Managed Print Services provides to our customers.