Paper Shredders

Get optimum security with a commercial paper shredder.

Commercial Paper Shredder vs. Regular Paper Shredder

When looking for the best option for your business, GREENAN can help you find the best paper shredder for your company with the features that will help protect your business. The benefits of a commercial paper shredder versus a regular paper shredder offer your business the protection against the misuse or loss of data in addition to shredding more than sheets of paper. Commercial paper shredders can shred documents a lot faster with a higher capacity – some machines can shred up to 700 sheets at once!

    Other notable features to notice when looking for a business shredder are:

    • Six different security levels – strip cut, cross cut shredder, micro-cut shredder, high-security cut
    • Multiple paper shredding options
    • Ability to shred junk mail, credit cards, and CDs
    • Jam proof
    • Automatic oilers
    • Ability to shred paper clips and staples
    • Easy switch buttons
    • Electronic capacity control (ECC)
    • Limited cooldown period

    Many businesses can avoid losing critical data and personal information by purchasing the right commercial paper shredder from GREENAN. Many companies continue to pay shredding companies monthly fees to shred their secure documents but do you know your information is being appropriately destroyed without the spread of information? By using your own shredder, you ensure complete data protection as well as save money on monthly shredding fees.

    Six different security levels means-

    You never have to worry about your sensitive information getting out!

    Best Paper Shredder for Businesses

    GREENAN is proud to offer the best paper shredders for businesses by having a wide variety of brands, models, and types the accomplish what your business needs. We have options from desk size to industrial size shredders ready to shred up multiple page documents including staples and paperclips! Keeping your shredder running correctly is easy because we offer check-ups twice a year where our highly-skilled technicians visit your office and run a series of tests. Keep your documents safe all while saving money with GREENAN. Contact us today to see which shredder will keep your records and business safe!