Paper Cutters

Let GREENAN help you choose whether a manual, hydraulic, or electric paper cutter is best for your company.

Benefits of Industrial Paper Cutters

Paper cutters are useful for offices, home, and hobbyists and since these machines can be used to cut a variety of materials, it’s no wonder why many offices are purchasing one for their business. The most popular paper cutting tools are the guillotine cutter, rotary cutter, and personal paper trimmer. Paper cutters are usually operated manually, hydraulically, or electrically. The manual paper cutting machines allow the user to physically lift and press down the cutting lever for trimming purposes. GREENAN not only provides paper cutter machines specific to your needs but also provides paper cutter repair and Triumph paper cutter repair services.

A paper cutter which is also known as a paper guillotine or paper trimmer, is a tool which you can find in offices, businesses, and schools. These cutters are specially designed to cut a large stack of papers at once quickly and efficiently. For many years, GREENAN has provided our customers with the best office equipment including paper cutters. There are several other advantages of implementing a paper cutter into your office:

  • If you want to crop down photographs manually, a paper cutter does an outstanding job of cutting down a photograph to the right size.
  • Routine paper cutting is easy and never has to be outsourced with expensive costs.
  • Have the ability to cut large stacks of paper.

Reap the benefits of an in-house paper cutter.

GREENAN can help keep your Triump paper cutter in the sharpest order.

Triumph Paper Cutter Repair

GREENAN carries Triumph paper cutters which are ideal for any application. From the easy to use manual paper cutters to the hydraulic and programmable models, these Triumph paper cutters are capable enough to fit any cutting requirement. Most of the time when these cutters need repair, our service technicians are always available to help on-site for quick turnaround time. Our technicians can easily solve many Triumph paper cutter repair issues because of their expertise and years working for GREENAN. We always try to provide the best office equipment and after sales services to our customers because our priority is our clients.