Work with a Xerox Gold Document Technology Partner (DTP)

Xerox Document Technology Partner (DTP)

For more than 20 years Xerox has been selling its printers with the assistance of its independent dealers under the Xerox Document Technology Partner (DTP). Within the past three decades, GREENAN as a Xerox Document Technology Partner (DTP) has had the opportunity to provide Xerox printer support and solutions within New York City. While helping small and medium-sized businesses buy Xerox printers for their business’ needs, GREENAN also has the authorization and resources of Xerox to provide its clients with Xerox printer support. We also help businesses buy Xerox printers, which have industry’s leading portfolio of printing devices for a wide range of services. GREENAN has been one of the Xerox Document Technology Partner (DTP), who have been able to maintain its Gold status from 2011-2019. We have won the award of excellence for seven years in a row!

Xerox Gold Document Technology Partner (DTP)

GREENAN has held this status for 7 years in a row!

Xerox Printer Support

As a Xerox Document Technology Partner (DTP), GREENAN is capable of delivering comprehensive Xerox printer support. Our expert professionals have acquired extensive training from Xerox to provide your internal staff with exclusive Xerox printer support. Our Xerox printer support offers centralized troubleshooting services while we strive to get you back on track quickly. This means that we are always dedicated to minimizing any disruption caused to your business operations when your Xerox machine is down. Being a Xerox independent dealer, our Xerox printer support assures you priority access to our experienced support specialists. This further strengthens our capability of delivering help and providing solutions for the issues related to your printing devices. GREENAN offers quick service at your business to help reduce the time you spend having to wait for your machine to get fixed.