New York’s most trusted Challenge dealer for over 35 years!

Paper Cutters from Challenge

Since manufacturing the first paper cutter of the world in 1887, Challenge has been widely known as the leader of the industry in producing unique paper cutters that are built with exceptional durability. The recent product line of paper cutters by Challenge aims to carry on the long heritage of safety, efficiency, novelty, and strength. Challenge manufactures large format paper cutters that are produced to offer you accurate cutting and complete hassle-free operation that is expected from the product line by Challenge.

High volume paper cutters known around the world.

For over 100 years Challenge has cut up the competition.

Challenge's Most Trusted Dealer

GREENAN has been one of most reliable dealers of the Challenge paper cutter in New York. We carry paper cutters from Challenge and other brands as well. As Challenge’s most trusted dealer, we suggest our clients choose from a well-made paper cutter with years of experience and knowledge. Challenge continues to produce high volume paper cutting machines for businesses across the globe. We offer an extensive range of sizes and options of Challenge paper cutter to choose from and will help you decide which machine will work best in your environment. We mainly deal with the automatic Challenge paper cutter but can help you choose between automatic and manual options. With all of the Challenge paper cutter option we offer, we always make sure that our clients are provided with following benefits:

  • Constructed of heavy-duty metal to ensure you get the most durable paper cutter.
  • The use of solid steel cutting blades so that you can enjoy clean and precise paper cutting.
  • We make sure that any paper cutter we offer is produced with complete compliance to safety standards and carries advance safety functions that ensure the complete safety of the operator.

Regardless of what you need to use a paper cutter for, whether it be for cutting thick stacks of paper, trimming the edges of posters or banners, or cutting down business cards, GREENAN can assist you in selecting the most appropriate Challenge paper cutter suitable for your business.