Multifunction Copiers

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Benefits of a Multifunction Copier

Multifunction copiers are a necessary piece of equipment in today’s office environment, and companies in any industry can benefit from a multifunction color copier regardless of their size. GREENAN is proud to offer a wide variety of multifunction copiers and printers to help solve your office needs and alleviate the struggles that many companies face when using new technology. When you purchase equipment from GREENAN, we ensure that your new copier comes to your office prepared to take on the workload of your office. The benefits of a multifunction copier will allow your business to become more productive than ever.

  • Convenience – With a wide range of options, multifunction printers offer high-quality printing options as well as the ability to print text and graphics, photo printing, duplex printing, black and white printing, faxing, copying, and saving to the cloud or computers in the office.
  • Space Savings – Instead of having to find space for a printer, fax machine, copier, and scanner, you only have to find the room for one piece of equipment that does it all.
  • Cost Savings – Purchasing and maintaining one device offers additional savings to a business. The number of pages you print and ink cartridges your business uses adds up over time and with one piece of equipment to maintain and buy supplies for, your company saves money.
  • Power Savings – A new multifunction copier and printer are more energy efficient than the office equipment of years past. In addition to running only one piece of equipment, GREENAN provides many copiers that have power saving features to help eliminate unnecessary uptime.

Our decades of experience allows GREENAN to be your office equipment supplier for the long run! With so many benefits to a multifunction copier, see how you can reap the benefits the best multifunction printer scanner copiers in the industry.

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Money, energy, space, and convenience with a multifunction copier.

Preventative Printer Maintenance

Many companies don’t have the time or facilities to keep their multifunction printers up to date and running correctly. That’s where GREENAN comes in! Our white glove installation ensures that your new equipment comes to your office prepared for work. Our technicians, many with over 15 years experience at GREENAN, will come to your business and install your new equipment properly and will work with your internal IT staff to ensure your full office is equipped and ready to print. We understand the frustrations that come when necessary equipment doesn’t work properly, and that is why we provide quarterly preventative maintenance visits to look for issues before they happen.

Our preventative maintenance checks allow your machines to work according to how you need them to within your office space. We can help you troubleshoot your network options with wi-fi direct scanning, high print speeds, wide format printing, printing or scanning from a phone or tablet, and more. You’ll never be without a knowledgeable source to keep your multifunction copier working properly.

Commercial Copier Rental

GREENAN offers commercial copier rental for those businesses who want to take advantage of the newest technologies without the initial capital cost. As a business that’s been in New York for almost 50 years, we offer short-term office equipment rentals as well as leasing terms for three to five years because we understand the needs and wants of businesses in New York. Our goal is to ensure your office gets the best equipment at the right price with the ease and simplicity of GREENAN.

Our superior service and offerings in the office equipment industry will ensure your business is getting the best tools to accomplish your business goals. Contact us today to see how a multifunction copier and printer can change how you do business.