As an experienced managed print service provider, we’ve seen a lot of growth in printing technology. Over the past few years, we’ve been exposed to many amazing technological progressions in large-format printing. With 2019 underway, there’s no sign of that slowing down any time soon. Some of the most innovative trends in printing technology are just within reach. As we cap off the new year, there is an exclusive crop of solutions that will be sure to change the way we do business for several years to come.

Turn your operation up a notch and start taking advantage of these one-of-a-kind printing solutions:

3D Printing:

Three-dimensional printing is the ultimate wave of the future. Before you know it, manufacturers will be able to craft blueprints together and print tangible items recognized from those documents. This gives you the ability to efficiently create a physical object at a much more rapid pace. This should be your go-to printing method when you need to create a prototype model of  a product.

Digital Printing:

In today’s world of digital technology, the next revolutionary splash will be digital printing. Simply put, digital printing is a faster and more efficient laser-printing process. When you need to print a high-quality item, this will be the method that offices will utilize. Digital prints are professional printing solutions with high-resolution imagery and stronger visual effects. If you need to print a professional visual aid, like a poster, wall display, or other high-quality signage, then this is the method that you’ll need to make use of.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality adds a new dimension to the visual that you decide to print. This printing feature is a great way to spice up still photos that you need to be printed on different platforms. Just snap a picture of the specific item that you want to be printed, then enhance the image on a user-friendly visualization modifier. You can do this with just a couple of clicks from your tablet or mobile smartphones. After you apply the perfect finishing touches to the image, just click print to get a high-quality print that resembles a professional portrait.

Textured Printing:

It’s been proven that the sense of touch has the strongest impact on memory stimulants.  With that in mind, more multifunctional printers are being programmed to produce more tactile designs. This gives you the ability to print business cards, flyers, postcards, and other unique pieces with a variety of specialized textured material applications.

Foil Stamps:

Foil stamps naturally appeal to one’s sense of sight as the eye is naturally drawn to flashes from shiny objects. You’ll be able to apply this shiny stamp to any professional print. This is a durable metallic effect that will enhance any marketing item that you decide to print.

Drop-On-Demand (DOD):

This is a specialized 3D printing technology that is automatically paired with inkjet printing devices. Just create your 3D blueprint, attach the document to the fly-cutter, and watch the printer mold your prototype to life.