How to Get the Right Managed Print Services Provider

As your business grows, choosing a printing service provider to partner with is a critical but necessary step to make. The right managed printing service (MPS) can make a major impact on the success of your company. They will help you decide on the right printing infrastructure for your office. There are many printing providers to choose from so it can be difficult to decide who’s the best to work with. To say that this is a very important business decision would be a drastic understatement.

When deciding on a partner, you need to consider several crucial factors. Employers must account for affordability, scalability, security and more.

Follow these critical steps to help you decide on the right managed printing partner:

A Proven Track Record:

Expertise is one of the prime advantages of managed print service providers. It’s easy to trust a printing company with many years of experience equipped in their arsenal. Make sure you do your homework on every company that you have your eyes on. Check out each prospect’s website to see what they have to offer and study their reviews to see what customers are saying. You want to partner with an MPS that is known for delivering.

Cutting-Edge Integrations:

It’s important to partner with an MPS that offers printing infrastructure with many integration functions. Invest in a print fleet that is supported by cloud printing applications. This takes more stress off of an in-house print structure, thus increasing the efficiency of your workflow. Ask your vendor if they provide Ricoh or HP managed print services with cloud compatibility.


It’s important to use a printing system that’s equipped with flexible features. Businesses need a solution that is scalable and easy-to-use. You should look for an option that gives you the ability to add more equipment when new employees are joined on. When it comes to document management, having the capacity to expand your user base is crucial. This is especially important if your company is experiencing rapid growth.

A Gallery of Products to Choose From:

A managed document service should offer a collection of brand-specific solutions. This ensures that you always have the right support for the equipment that you work with. Whether it’s HP, Lennox, or a Ricoh managed print service, you need to partner with a company that will support your printing environment accordingly.

Better Security Protection:

Document security is a critical priority for any business. Unfortunately, some network-enabled printers represent a key cybersecurity vulnerability. It’s important to partner with a MPS that can protect that sensitive area. Choose a partner that provides protective defense layers. This includes encryption hardware, firewalls, and other comprehensive security features.

Cost-Savings Solutions:

You want to partner with a company that helps you improve your bottom line. Ink and toner is an expensive product to afford on a recurring basis. Additionally, you’ll probably have to allocate for costs per pages printed. Partner with a company that is dedicated to keeping print costs as low as possible. See if any companies offer rebate or discount services. This will help your company save money for the long haul.