Differences In Binding Machines

Binding is the process of connecting pages together in a booklet form. If you want to add a professional touch on your business report or want to add a quality finish a college project, then binding is the right method for you. Binders provide any documents with a professional appeal.

There are several types of binding practices. If you are wanting to bind something together then consider some of these solutions:

●    Spiral and Coil Binding:

Spiral binders are often referred to as coil binders. This is a very flexible, yet sturdy binding solution. You begin this process by using the spiral binding machine to puncture holes into the document. From there, a wire coil will be electronically inserted into a hole puncture, then weaved around the edge of the surface.

●    Plastic Comb Binding:

An economical way to bind something together is with a combing strategy. During this process, a plastic combing material is placed onto the book binding machine and the “metal teeth” are used to open the comb outwards. Afterwards, a series of small holes will be punctured across the spine of the document. The punched papers will be held together when the comb is pushed closed.

●    Thermal Binding:

Thermal binding is the ideal binding method to hold together hard and soft covered books. Instead of conventional punctured binding, documents are bound together with a strong adhesive fixture. Just place the pages inside of the cover and place the spine of book underneath the thermal binding machine. Just press down on the lever and the heat and steam will seal the document tightly together.


●    Wire Binding:

Wire weaving is one of the most popular binding tactics. Wire binders are often used to support proposals, presentation forms, and other professional documents. You’ll see a wire bind on most notebooks, calendars, and training guides. Unlike the comb bind, the wire is pre-opened and many times manually punched into the document.

●    Slide Binding:

Slide binding is a cheap and easy way to connect your documents together. If you don’t have access to a professional binding machine, then this is the best strategy to consider. This may not be as secure as the other professional methods, but it it’s a very fast way to keep a bunch of papers organized together. There’s no machine required. Just slide the plastic bind across the spine. It’s that simple.

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