Copier Repair Services

Like a printer or a desktop computer, a copier is one of the most pivotal pieces of office equipment. It clones the documents that you need extra copies of. Nowadays, companies have a centralized printer with photocopy functions built in. They may be integrated systems, but copiers are not the same as printers. They require a different line of maintenance and repair support to maintain efficiency.


Copiers are not an easy fix to complete by yourself, so don’t expect to fix a broken copier quickly. Emergency maintenance is needed to solve common problems like paper jams, light copies, or toner stripes. To correct these issues, you need the help of a trained professional. An experienced managed printer service can squash any of these issues with ease when a disaster strikes your photocopier.


If you’re looking for a repair service to treat your copier, then keep an eye out for these critical things:



A quality copier is a long-term investment for your company. It’s built to last the office for many years to come. If the machine breaks, don’t expect it to a cheap fix. Some repairs can cost your company hundreds of dollars in labor expenses. Before committing to any services, take account of all available price quotes. A good repair provider will work accordingly with your budget but be sure to open up some room in the budget for miscellaneous expenses.


Exceptional Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction is essential. Do your research before setting up a repair – read reviews and examine the solutions that each provider can deliver. Choose a professional service that has a history of delivering quality customer service. The best repairs will be performed by an experienced professional with multiple years under their belts.


Fast Turnaround Time:

Broken copiers can slow down the entire workflow of the office. If the equipment isn’t working, it can be difficult for your employees to accomplish their tasks. As a result, these delays can cost your company money. Great service technicians offer a guaranteed turnaround service. Commit to a service that will get your office back up and running in no time.


Routine Maintenance:

Fixing a problem is just one part of the process. Your service provider needs to make routine checkups to ensure that the job was done right. When you sign a service contract, make sure that the plan includes periodic maintenance inspections. This will help keep your system in pristine condition.


GREENAN- The Perfect All-in-One Solution
If you’re experiencing an issue with your copier, then contact our office today. Since 1971, GREENAN has been the top source for office equipment repairs. Our service technicians are equipped with decades of experience under their belts. We’re prepared to tackle any type of machine repair. Give us a call at (212) 391-4120 to learn about our copier repair solutions.