4 Things to Know About Information Security, Your Printers, and McAfee

Printer security is a critical priority. When your printing system is unprotected, your network is at risk for a cyber-attack. Fortunately, there is a solution that will significantly reduce these security risks.


Xerox is one of the world’s finest managed print services. It is the only printer manufacturer with one-of-a-kind security controls by cybersecurity powerhouse, McAfee. Businesses trust this state-of-the-art solution to keep their network safe and secure. It protects printer systems, and network servers simultaneously.


There are many things that you need to know about the McAfee solution. This includes information security and printer support. Before adopting this printing infrastructure, you need to understand these four critical things:


1. Whitelisting Capabilities:

McAfee is embedded with very intelligent whitelisting technology. A whitelist spots problematic concerns and denies them from entering into the network. When a threat appears, the McAfee security function detects the issue and stops it dead in its tracks. The whitelist protects against malware threats like viruses, worms, trojan horses, and more. It is compatible with any type of multifunction printing devices.


2. Email Notifications:

When the whitelist detects a threat, the system administrator will get an email alert by McAfee mission control. This will notify you when any type of issue is on the horizon. This direct mail tactic is executed to help you stay ahead of the curve. McAfee will do everything they can to prepare you when your network is on the cusp an invasion.


3. Audit Logging:

When it comes to network printing, it’s important to monitor the system’s usage. A Xerox print management program includes a comprehensive auditing process. The McAfee control system makes it easy for your MPS to run an audit on your network printer. Audit logs track who uses the printer, giving users the chance to monitor when and how their printing system is being used. This helps users identify where whitelisting threats are originated.


4. ePolicy Orchestrator:

Xerox offers an ePolicy (ePO) extension for their printing systems. An ePO monitors and enforces all security functions on the printer. It lays the foundation for cybersecurity support. With an ePO in place, IT administrators are able to keep their sensitive data under a safe watch. It gives users an in-depth look at the condition of their printer system.

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