How to Choose the Right Photocopy Machine for Your Business

Copiers are crucial pieces of equipment that businesses need. A multi-functional business printer is an office necessity. Nowadays, companies need a print scanning machine that also acts as a photocopier and scanner. If you walk into any office, chances are they’ll have a digital multifunctional printer that gives users the ability to scan, copy, print, fax, download, and email their documents.


Your company should have a photocopy machine with exceptional printing speed, network support, and compatible functions. Sadly, this is not usually a cheap combination. Fortunately, there are affordable options on the market.


If you’re searching for a new photocopy machine for your office, then make sure that these key things are always at the top of the mind:

Printing Speed:
The speed of your printer is a critical element. If you have a multifunction printer, it should be able to produce no less than 27 ppm (pages per minute). The ideal printer for any small office setting will be able to print at a speed of 50+ ppm.

Paper Capacity:
The paper capacity that your printer machine is able to support is extremely crucial. Offices should have a multifunctional solution that can store bulk amounts of paper sizes. Ideally, you should be looking for a machine that holds at least 1,000 pieces of paper at once. Additionally, it should also be able to support several types of paper structure, including letter, legal, and tabloid, as well as card stock, labels, and glossy paper types.

Toner Use:
When you purchase a photocopy machine, you should understand that is not the only expense that you should account for. Toner ink will be a regular cost made on a recurring basis. Laser printer cartridges are pretty expensive purchases. Before purchasing a printer, scanner, or fax machine, see how many sheets are expected out of its toner cartridges.

Whether it’s black and white or colored, your office needs a photocopy machine that can produce clear and beautiful images on each document. Even wide formatted prints should be printed with exceptional clarity. Before purchasing any photocopier, perform test prints in-person to observe the quality of its resolution.

Brand Reputation:
Your office should have a reliable solution from a trusted provider. Big name brands like Brother, Xerox, HP, Canon have some of the best photocopy machines for businesses. These brands are versatile, long-lasting, and have the functionality to deliver a high-quality level of service.

Miscellaneous Features:
The perfect multifunctional photocopier needs to have a variety of printing and scanning functions along with a plethora of security features. Your office should have a duplex scanning solution that is able to print, scan, and fax in color and in black and white. The best solutions will print and scan documents in high volumes. Additionally, you should be searching for a dynamic machine that has the ability to print large multi-sided collateral items as well as mobile printing from tablets, iPads, and iPhones.

GREENAN – The Ultimate Source for Photocopying
Photocopy systems are integral parts of growing businesses. Companies need a fast, multifunctional photocopier that will be able to support the needs of every employee. There are a select handful of machines that can truly help you tackle a variety of document management tasks efficiently. Fortunately, GREENAN has the operating systems that run at such an advanced level. With nearly 50 years of industry-leading experience, we are confident that we can deliver are the best multifunction copier for any business user.


For more insight, feel free to get in touch with one of our certified experts. We’d love to help you out!