4 Advantages of Managed Print Service

Mismanaged printing services can be the bane of healthy bottom line. Legal, health, and financial businesses all produce a vast amount of physical reports that require expenses on paper, toner, equipment, and more. Often, if a printer is functioning correctly, businesses may not worry about analyzing and optimizing its efficiency. Ignoring due diligence in equipment evaluation can lead to wasteful spending and an overall loss of productivity. Fortunately, managed print services (MPS) provide a readymade solution. If you’re looking to reign in printing equipment costs, consider the following benefits of using an MPS.


  • Control and accountability

Non-work-related printing can quickly raise expenses. If an employee prints out 500-page e-novels or yard sale flyers every week, the impact on your bottom line will surely be felt. An MPS provides you with tools to monitor and control your print environments. You’ll be able to access in-depth data on printing habits and identify where supply waste is occurring. Every employee may not be printing novels or fliers, but custom reports can provide you with insight to understand what staff processes could be digitized and streamlined without relying on physical copies.


  • Lower Equipment Costs

Design teams, copywriters, and executives might all clamor for their own printers, copiers, fax machines, and more—but do they need personal equipment? Businesses often suffer the initial costs of buying unnecessary equipment and the drain of additional electricity costs. An MPS solution can provide you with the information you need to effectively consolidate your printer fleets, get rid of unnecessary devices, and replace those that are nearing their end of life.


  • Reduced environmental impact

Over 30 million acres of forest are destroyed annually in paper production. Not only does paper production drive deforestation, but it also contributes to air and water pollution. If a business wants to go green and reduce paper usage, hiring an MPS is the leading means of cutting down on waste. An MPS can evaluate usage day and design solutions to reduce their paper usage, reduce wasted supplies, consolidate devices, and lower energy consumption. There are also MPS programs that offer reforestation projects like PrintFleet partner, PrintReleaf. Using PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX), PrintReleaf reverse-calculates paper consumption to determine your environmental impact on the world’s forests and offsets this by planting new trees.


  • Increased Productivity

Unnecessary printing wastes more than money—it wastes time, too. Even printing documents for small meetings could take staff off task for several minutes at a time. MPS services can increase productivity by showing what processes might work better in a digital format instead of a physical paper format. For instance, if the design department prints hundreds of pieces of high-quality paper per week to review portfolios, this cost analysis data compiled by the MPS could be used to justify using tablets instead of paper portfolios. Ultimately, measured, productive behavioral changes will encourage continuous improvement and a healthy bottom line.


A managed print services provider will quickly return on your investment. Wasted paper, equipment, and time can all add up to large budget losses. An MPS provider can be an integral part of your efforts to optimize operations and gain maximum efficacy. GREENAN’s experienced MPS technicians provide companies the best in comprehensive service. Since 1971, our team has service, solution, and advice to businesses in the New York area. Call us today and enjoy the benefits we offer.