Tips for Choosing the Right Managed Printing Service Plan

Hiring a company to manage your printing environment is an important step to reducing your costs and managing an efficient business process. Your managed printing services plan will detail your relationship with your new partner, so it pays to understand how this will drive the relationship. Here are a few things to look for when agreeing to managed print services:

What do you want the service to cover?

Managed print service providers can be as simple or as involved as you need them to be. Your MPS provider can simply restock your paper and toner and safely remove all your shredded paper waste. They can also educate your workforce on how they can adjust their daily processes to reduce print costs.

When are they available for service?

Getting your printing equipment serviced in a reasonable amount of time is a critical component of your managed service. Do they have 24-7 support to respond to an emergency situation? Would you even need around the clock support? Their availability for maintenance and the average response time should be part of the managed services agreement.

Is the contract scalable?

Studies say that the average business needs one printer for every 4.4 employees. As your business grows and expands, and more printers are needed, your agreement should have the flexibility to grow with it. Also, if you want to reduce the number of printers and services, you should have the ability to do so as well.

How much control do you have over consumables?

Print quality is important to all users. If your MPS provider is bound to a certain brand or the cheapest available option, you should have the ability to request an adjustment.

How long is the contract and is it cancelable?

These are important aspects you should be looking at for any contract. Printing services are in many ways a “set it and forget it” agreement that should function like clockwork without any issue. But it is good to be familiar with terms like these.

A managed print services partner like Greenan will be your new ally to reduce costs, make sure the plan suits your business and its needs, and help your company improve efficiency on an unprecedented level. Contact the professionals at Greenan today to get started.