What are Managed Print Services?

Every expense item on your income statement can be reduced in some way. If it is a variable cost, you can examine all the factors that go in to generating the cost and look for ways to reduce their impact on your bottom line.

Let’s look at printing costs for example. For each printer, you are responsible for purchasing it, maintaining it, supplying it with paper, toner, and electricity to run. You have to keep it safe from physical damage and if it is on a wi-fi network, safe from cybercriminals. Finally, you must manage the waste it produces. The question is: why do all of this yourself when there is a cheaper and less time-consuming option that gives you much more value than you can provide yourself?

The Value of Managed Print Services

A managed print services (MPS) provider will look at your current printer use and track all printing costs across all budgets. They will optimize the printer environment which includes the number of printers per user and all associates printing policies. All printer workflow will be managed, from replenishing supplies to maintenance.

This is how managed print services can bring an immediate and substantial cost savings to your bottom line. By using managed print services, companies can save 30 percent of their printing costs without changing any of their existing office procedures.

The overwhelming reason companies like yours adopt an MSP is to reduce printing costs and overhead. While saving money is a great thing there are other benefits your MSP can bring:

  • Change user habits to create less waste
  • Optimization of the printer fleet so all users have reasonable access and reducing the number of printers needed to support them
  • Optimization of document workflows, so users are compelled to print less often
  • Improved document security
  • “Greener” operations, less waste, more recycled materials with easily measured results
  • Better document imaging, scanning, security, and storage

How Greenan Can Help

Greenan will be your invaluable managed print services partner by taking the hassle out of your printer services and the expense out of your printing costs. This is a winning combination for small and medium companies like yours. Contact us today, and we can develop a thorough managed services plan for your company. We will take all your printing and document production needs into account and include them in a scalable, affordable plan that will bring immediate and sustainable cuts to your printing costs.