The Market for Managed Print Services

Smart business owners look for any way to reduce costs and improve business processes. Imagine doing both at the same time. A creative business solution is one that solves a problem while improving the bottom line. Ways to cut costs are everywhere, from energy and water use to more efficient uses of labor. But printing costs are one necessary expense on the income statement where with a little research and the right partner, you can save a bundle.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

This is where managed print services (MPS) from companies like Greenan can bring significant cost savings by revitalizing your business’s printing environment. When you sign a contract for an MPS program, you are allowing a company to manage every aspect of your printing infrastructure, supplies, service, and security. Depending on your business, your need to print documents may be an ever-present challenge. Managed printing services bring a host of benefits including:

  • Reducing printing volume
  • Accurate reporting and monitoring of printing costs
  • Fewer printing devices
  • Reduction in IT workload
  • Less paper waste
  • Enhanced document security

Ordering paper, calling for service, expanding the printer fleet, disposing of paper waste are a few of the hassles that compel small businesses to hire a MPS provider. As more and more businesses turn to MPS to save time and money, the market for print management services is growing. Recent research shows the MPS industry to register a strong compound annual growth rate of 14.8%. The same research shows that at this rate the industry will grow to $94.97 billion by 2024.

But more and more companies are looking to reduce paper waste entirely with cloud computing and document workflow automation. Why print a brochure for a presentation when the same information can be displayed on a video wall?

The Growth in Managed Print Services

The reason for the growth is that there are large industries that deal with massive volumes of paperwork including banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, legal, education, manufacturing, and construction. Small to medium enterprises in these industries often have no alternative but to print and file plenty of documents. There are more than 20 million printers sold each year, and the average office worker generates more than 10,000 sheets of printed paper annually. Printing is one of the biggest cost drivers for small and medium businesses.

Your business can start saving money instantly with managed print service.  Call Greenan today, and we can discuss how we can reduce your printing costs and streamline your business.