Eight Questions to Ask When Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider

Managed print services can revitalize your business processes and drastically reduce costs. But when choosing a managed print services partner, how do you know what company to trust with your document services?

Where are they located?

Your MPS provider is useless if they are more than an hour away and it is frustrating having to wait when you have deadlines to meet and need help with a printer issue immediately. When you need hands-on support choose a company that is local and eager to help. Greenan serves all five boroughs of New York City, Westchester Rockland, Hudson, Bergen, and Nassau Counties.

Are they proven?

You should have confidence that your MPS provider understands your printing infrastructure and can work with and service your entire printer fleet. This is the only way they can truly help you streamline your processes and reduce your printing costs. Since 1972 Greenan has been a trusted name for all office equipment needs.

What are their service offerings?

Is it obvious that they can handle your business? Not all businesses are alike, and most have unique challenges with different printing devices and document security needs. Check out our website for everything Greenan has to offer.

How does the MPS handle security?

Network security is a growing and ever-present concern for businesses of all sizes. There are also increased threats that are targeting printers and print management programs. Greenan’s Managed Print Plan includes integrated security solutions.

What is included in your manages services plan?

Managed print services are the future of office technology. Not only can Greenan manage and save you money over your entire printing environment, but we include supplies, service, preventative care and more.

Are they green?

Sustainable printing is an important aspect of your MPS program. Greenan will recycle all paper waste, and we can help you implement paperless technology like Dropbox and Office 365.

Will they show you how much you’ve saved?

You’re shopping for an MSP for the cost savings, can they prove you made the right choice?  Greenan will make sure you receive the value and time savings you were after during the entire life of your contract.

Will they grow with you?

If you’re looking for a managed print services provider, chances are your company has outgrown its current printing situation. And it’s only logical that you will keep growing over the years. Greenan’s scalable managed services plan is ideally suited to support your business for years to come.

The right MPS partner makes all the difference. Greenan will deliver on the promise to provide complete customer service to make sure you are getting the entire value for your dollar. Browse our site and contact us today for a consultation.